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Luis speaks in front of church

Luis grew up with parents who didn’t seem to want him. By the time he turned 18, he had survived multiple suicide attempts. But today Luis’ life is better because of a program you helped make possible in Nicaragua.

Struggling to Find Hope

“For much of Luis’ life, he was very sad,” said Steve Holtrop, your regional mission leader for Central America. At his home, Luis felt that his parents didn’t love him, and there was no one to meet his needs.

Luis often went to sleep hungry. His parents didn’t care for him, but a local church did. For years, the church provided him with meals, clothes, and other necessities. That was Luis’s first interaction with the church.

As the years passed, Luis started worshiping with the church. He came to love Jesus and decided to follow Christ. He got involved in the church, playing drums. When he was 15, he was baptized.

Having a supportive church community and learning about God’s grace and love gave Luis more hope, but his circumstances in life hadn’t changed. Sometimes he still wondered if his life had any meaning. He had really good days—but some days were still hard.

Finding Purpose

One day Luis heard about IMPACT clubs. Through IMPACT clubs, you help provide a supportive community where young people can learn about God, build relationships, and grow as servant leaders.

Luis knew that IMPACT was exactly what he would’ve needed when he was younger. At 18, he was too old to participate as a student, but church leaders had seen him grow a lot in the years they knew him, and your ministry leaders invited him to serve as a leader. They sensed that leading young people was a good opportunity for Luis.

And it was. IMPACT gave Luis something he hadn’t really felt he had before: purpose.

A Strengthened Spiritual Life

Not only has IMPACT changed Luis’s life, but he’s also making a difference in the lives of young people. 

“I would have liked the youth club to exist when I was 14 years old,” shared Luis. “Everything we have taught young people would have worked for me in the many depressions I have experienced. . . . I love the motivation there is in the boys to participate in the program.”

Thank you for helping to make IMPACT possible! You’re providing support for young people and equipping leaders like Luis.

“I am very happy to serve with the youth. I feel loved and useful in the church,” said Luis. “IMPACT has strengthened my spiritual life.”

If you or someone you care about is struggling with thoughts of suicide, help is available.

United States: Call or text 988
Canada: Call 1-833-456-4566 or text 4564