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Russia's flag

It’s been more than a week since Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. As we pray for safety and protection for the people of Ukraine, it’s also important to pray for the people of Russia.

  • The actions of Russia’s leader do not necessarily reflect the hearts of the country’s people. In an authoritarian state, people have little voice. Thousands of Russians have protested Vladimir Putin’s invasion and more than 2,000 people have been arrested as a result. Pray for God’s favor and protection for those who are protesting. Pray that so many people show up to protests that prisons cannot hold them all. Media outlets are reporting that some Russian troops are also laying down their arms, rather than fighting.
  • Russians are also now dealing with the ramifications of the economic sanctions. Pray for God’s provision. Pray that Putin will put the well-being of people before his political ambitions.
  • Pray for people of Russia who have lost loved ones. News outlets are reporting different numbers, but hundreds—and possibly thousands—of Russian troops have died. Pray that God would be near to those who are grieving.
  • Pray for Putin to step down and for violence to cease. If violence does not cease, pray for sabotage of Russian attacks. Pray for continued confusion as Russian troops try to navigate Ukrainian roads. Pray that military vehicles will break down and weapons will fail.
  • Ask God to change Putin's heart. Pray that Putin will choose peace instead of war.
  • Pray for Russian students at LCC International University, a Resonate partner where many missionaries serve. Russian students are upset by the war and worried for their families back home. “I feel pain...I walked out to the sea today and heard the beautiful sound of the waves, but the Ukrainians are hearing the sounds of war,” said one student.
  • Resonate missionaries Gary and Galina, who are now serving among the Russian diaspora in the Greater Toronto Area, ask you to pray for Resonate’s Russian ministry partners and other partners in Eastern Europe. “Resonate is sowing seeds in seven locations by giving support to missionary families. Pray that they will not be discouraged during the turmoil and sanctions, that the gospel will change hearts, ignite repentance and save souls for eternity,” they said.
  • “Pray for pastors of the Russian-speaking diaspora churches throughout Canada and the USA,” ask Gary and Galina. “These imperfect leaders anointed by God now have to deal with holding their churches in unity while Slavs fight Slavs on the other side of the ocean. Here in Canada and the USA, they must share church benches and prayers together.”