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Vast rocky land with thatched huts and people standing nearby

Ever since Martin visited the Turkana region in Northern Kenya, he felt called to spread the gospel among the people he met there. You helped make it possible.

Facing Challenges

A few years ago, Martin took a quick trip to the Turkana region for a funeral. With land that is rocky and dry, Turkana is said to be one of the most difficult places to live in Kenya. Goats are the only livestock the land will support, and most families can only afford a handful—not enough to live off. Many people rely on help from the government, nonprofits, and ministries for food, clothing, and other necessities.

As Martin returned home, he couldn’t stop thinking about the people he had met. Not only did they struggle to make ends meet, but many people had not heard about Jesus.

Martin wasn’t sure what to do about it. He was pretty busy pastoring in his own community. Weeks went by, and Martin all but forgot about the Turkana people.

But God wouldn’t let Martin forget.

Equipped for Mission

One day, Martin was invited to participate in Timothy Leadership Training (TLT) that you made possible through your support of Resonate.

Your Resonate missionaries use TLT to equip pastors and church leaders for mission. When the denomination that Martin worked with learned about TLT, they wanted their pastors to participate in the training.

“Martin has no theological training, and when he heard that he would also get a certificate, he fully embraced the program,” shared Rev. Sammy Ngila, a local pastor who leads TLT trainings with Resonate.

During the first training on Caring for God’s People, Martin read Scripture and learned about the importance of sharing the gospel with people, discipling people, and more. Martin remembered the people he had met in Turkana. They weighed heavily on his heart throughout the training, and he knew the Holy Spirit was telling him to go.

“Martin felt moved to and do his practical part in Turkana,” said Rev. Ngila. 

As part of TLT, every pastor and church leader who participates develops an action plan—they brainstorm one thing they want to do to put their learning into practice and then outline practical steps to accomplish their goal. Rev. Ngila and the other trainers worked with Martin to develop an action plan for visiting Turkana and sharing the gospel there.

Martin connected with a ministry friend with connections in Turkana and organized a trip.

A New Church

It’s a long, hard trip from Martin’s home to Turkana—but when he arrived, he started meeting with people. He listened to them share about their lives, prayed with them, and told them about Jesus. While some people were skeptical of the gospel, so many people were hungry to hear the good news.

It wasn’t long before 30 people decided to follow Jesus and were baptized!

But that’s just the beginning. Because of TLT, Martin knew that these news believers needed a supportive faith community where they could grow. He started a church and appointed a local believer to serve as a pastor.

The church started with 55 members meeting under a tree. But after the second Sunday worship service, the church knew they needed a permanent building where they could gather. They built a thatched grass shelter where they’re still meeting today! Martin connects regularly with the pastor of the church to hear updates, mentor him, and provide financial support. 

Thank you for equipping Martin to go out and spread the gospel! God worked through your support to spread the love of Jesus in a region desperately in need of good news.