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A group of TLT participants stand outside the church holding posters with their Action Plans written out

You equipped church leaders to better serve their community—and make it possible for more people to attend church!

The local community in Malinda, Kenya, waited anxiously as the rainy season quickly approached. Your Resonate Global Mission missionary Kakarioba Bosire lives there, and he explained that the community calls this weather “the rains.” Unlike a typical rainy day, the rains cause relentless trouble and hardship. 

Rev. Dr. Mwangi looked out and watched the deep potholes on the road to the church filling up with water. He knew that those who attempted to come would be left with car repairs, damaged clothing, or illness—and that attendance on Sundays would be small. Unless something changed.

“People who had cars were afraid of damaging them, and others who walked would arrive covered in mud,” explained Kakarioba. Knowing that the road leading to church was a major barrier to people hearing God’s word, Mwangi called on you to help.

Rev. Dr. Mwangi

Bosire met with Mwangi and four other church members at the church to work through Timothy Leadership Training (TLT), a program you help make possible through your support of Resonate. TLT delivers affordable, doctrinally sound, and effective training to equip leaders for mission in over 39 countries. 

In the first manual, Caring for God’s People, Mwangi and the leaders learned that a project like paving their road is a key way they can live out their faith and be Christ's hands and feet for their neighbors. The group created an action plan to remedy the condition of their road. 

With the rainy season fast approaching, they quickly shared their action plan with church leadership and raised money among themselves and other church members to improve the road leading to church. Mwangi was hopeful but apprehensive. Would they be able to finish the project before the rains began?

The group sought the support of another six church members and hired a small team to help do the work. Together, they began the labor-intensive task of laying stone to fill potholes and flatten the road. 

The group worked diligently to outpace the rains, but despite their best efforts, the downpour began. With rains pounding, they continued relentlessly working, only pausing for moments at a time when the conditions became unmanageable. 

“They were determined to make the road better for God’s people and the rains could not stop them,” said Kakarioba. 

They embraced the rain as they worked, using it as an opportunity to gauge whether what they were doing would hold steady in the muddy ground. After a few more days of grueling labor, they were pleased with their work. They had laid 600 meters worth of road! 

Thank you for equipping these church leaders to serve their community better! Both the congregation and other community members were inspired by the church’s hard work and care for the community. They were excited to attend Sunday morning without worrying about damaging their vehicles or putting their well-being at risk. 

Proud of their church’s hard work, and motivated to continue making the church accessible, its members contributed more funds. The TLT group prayed about how to use this additional blessing to better serve those in need, and God had placed it on their hearts to build two wheelchair ramps leading to the church’s entry and exit points. 

Today, Mwangi rests easier on Sunday mornings, knowing that God has provided a way to keep church members safe as they travel to worship. The church, now safely reachable by car and foot, also provides physical accessibility for all of God’s people to hear his Word!