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For many children in the developing world, going to school is an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty that has trapped their families for decades.

Thanks to Resonate Global Mission partner Sinergia in the Dominican Republic, school was not only an opportunity for children Elvin and Kelvin to create a better life for themselves—school gave their mom hope, too.

A Way to Pay

Abandoned by her husband, Kathy was left to raise her two children, Elvin and Kelvin, alone. They lived in a small home with a single bed, but Kathy was determined to create a better life for her children. Hoping to find a better job, Kathy moved her family from the country to the city.

She searched for work every day, but the job market was tough—especially when Kathy only had a fourth-grade education. Without a steady source of income, Kathy struggled to put food on the table and Elvin and Kelvin didn’t have enough energy to attend school.

But then Elvin and Kelvin were accepted tuition-free into a private Christian school connected to Resonate partner Sinergia. There, they would receive meals and a good education from a biblical perspective.

Kathy was thrilled. Wanting to return the act of kindness, she asked the school principal, Luisa, if there was anything she could do for the school.

 Luisa asked Kathy if she could cook—and then offered her a job.

A Better Future

Kathy now works as a cook for the same school her children attend. Her new job empowers her to better care for Elvin and Kelvin. “Thanks to the financial support I receive for working on this project, I can feed my family properly and I’m saving up to move to a bigger house so that everyone can sleep on their own bed,” she said.

As Kathy seeks to improve the life of her own family, she also recognizes the impact her work at the school has on the community. “Every day we cook for school children, and it is so
gratifying to see how their faces shine with happiness when receiving their meals … a great need in our community.”

Partnering for Better Lives

Resonate’s partnerships with organizations around the world make it possible for children like Elvin and Kelvin to go to school. Mario Matos, a Resonate missionary who serves as executive director for Sinergia, said Resonate’s partnership is crucial for Sinergia’s work in the Dominican Republic.

“Without this partnership, our capacity to do what we do would be down to 50 percent,” said Mario. “Our partnership with Resonate gives [us] a missional community to belong to—[an] opportunity for relationship-building with individuals, churches, and other non-profit organizations.”

“Being a part of global missional community is encouraging and empowering,” he added. “It gives you the sense that you are a part of something greater than yourself or your organization.”

Thank you for supporting Resonate’s work to bring the gospel to every corner of the earth. Give thanks for how God is working in the Dominican Republic through schools that seek to provide a Christian education for children, job opportunities for adults, and gospel transformation in communities.

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