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Patricia and other members of IMPACT enjoy dinner together

God changed Patricia's life when she connected with one of your Resonate partner IMPACT clubs in Nicaragua.

Have you ever been bullied? Patricia’s classmates made fun of her because she is pobre (“poor”) and would often help her mom sell tortillas on the street.

Patricia and her mother worked hard together to meet their needs, but they had a rocky relationship. They often snapped at one another. While Patricia felt guilty about this, she wasn’t sure how to improve their relationship.

She wasn’t sure how to improve anything in her life, and she didn’t know whom she could turn to for help or support.

But one day a neighbor stopped by and invited Patricia to a Resonate partner IMPACT club that you support in Nicaragua. Through IMPACT clubs, you provide a supportive community where young people like Patricia can learn about God, build relationships, and grow as servant leaders.

Patricia’s neighbor was one of the club’s leaders—and even though Patricia didn’t have a lot of free time, Patricia felt a glimmer of hope with this invitation. This club could be good for her.

But an invitation wasn’t enough.

Patricia and an IMPACT leader doing hair at a club
Patricia found Christian mentors and made new friends at your Resonate partner IMPACT club


Poverty and bullying had taken its toll on Patricia. She was shy and reserved. Your IMPACT club leaders said that “a deep sadness could be seen in her eyes.” She didn’t have the courage to go alone.

So every week your IMPACT leader would stop by Patricia’s house, and the two would go to IMPACT club meetings. Together.

“She kept coming back because the leader, whom Patricia describes as her ‘angel,’ did not give up and always invited her,” said Steve Holtrop, Resonate’s regional mission leader for Central America.

Six months passed, and Patricia started to open up more. As the leaders encouraged her, she began forming friendships with some of the other young people. After six more months she was participating more in club activities. And eventually Patricia started coming to the club on her own.

She was also beginning to attend church regularly. Some of Patricia’s family members attended church, and she had attended worship a few times before. But through IMPACT Patricia learned that she could have a personal relationship with God. She learned that Jesus is not only her Savior but her friend. And one day, while she was at a spiritual retreat with her IMPACT club, a leader asked if anyone wanted to be baptized.

Patricia’s hand shot up into the air.

Patricia and other IMPACT students pray
Patricia prayed to accept Christ!


“I will never change by myself,” said Patricia. “I need Jesus. He will help me, I know, because he loves me.”

Patricia lives into her identity as a child of God a little more every day. Her life isn’t perfect. Her mom still sells tortillas, and they still struggle to make ends meet, but their relationship is much healthier. Patricia’s classmates sometimes still bully her, but she extends grace for their words and actions. She is active in her IMPACT club and church, and she is motivated to do well in school so that she can get a good job and help lift her family out of poverty.

“Patricia has transformed from a vulnerable, bullied girl to a strong young woman with self-esteem,” said Steve. “She has had a true encounter with God, and from now on her life will be different.”

Thank you for supporting IMPACT clubs through Resonate! You’re helping to make a difference in the lives of young people like Patricia!