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Wendy, James, and Daniel* knew they each wanted to make a difference in the lives of people in their communities and families. Thanks to the opportunity to attend Timothy Leadership Training (TLT) taught by Resonate Global Mission missionary Ken Lee, they are now equipped to live out their faith and be leaders wherever God has placed them.

Reaching Out

Wendy is a TLT graduate who was working on her PhD and reaching out to young students while completing her TLT lessons. During the lesson "Caring for God’s People," she knew she needed to take action.

One of Wendy’s students was a missionary kid and had a complicated relationship with her parents. Wendy felt a desire to reach out to her and guide her, but she wasn’t sure how.

The training inspired Wendy to finally connect with the student, and they set up times to talk on the phone once a week for six months. Through prayer and fellowship, Wendy encouraged her student to grow in faith and helped her discern how to mend her relationship with her parents.

Ken recognizes the importance of that lesson for Wendy’s leadership. “She wouldn’t have had the opportunity to think like that without that lesson,” he said.

Changing Culture

When TLT graduate James finished the "Overcoming Violence in the Family" lesson and learned about the importance of harmony and taking care of family, he knew that it could change his culture—and his own family.

In James’ country, family violence is common. James recognized that some of his own behaviors toward his wife did not honor her, and he noticed that this was common among other church leaders. 

But thanks to TLT, James wants to do something about it. “I need to teach this to the male leaders in my country,” James told Ken. 

James started praying every day that God would give him self-control and help him cherish his wife. He also arranged to meet with some of the male leaders in his church twice a week and teach them how to respect their wives. 

“I believe my family will be a model for other people around us,” said James.

Restoring Relationships

Daniel is a TLT graduate who was also moved after completing the lesson "Overcoming Violence in the Family." He confessed that, before TLT, he hated his dad and didn’t talk to him.

The lesson taught Daniel to acknowledge harmful attitudes and recognize the importance of peace and unity. He knew he needed to apply this to his own life and decided to start communicating with his father. 

The more they talked, the more Daniel became intentional about mending the relationship. Six months later, he doesn’t hate his dad anymore. 

“He told me that he now talks to his dad and has regular conversations with him,” said Ken. “For the first time in 30 years, he even went on a vacation with his parents.”

Developing Leaders

Ken is passionate about raising up young leaders through his work with Resonate. The opportunity to teach these TLT students inspired him as he witnessed their passion for Christ. 

“I have seen their zeal to learn and proclaim the good news of our Lord Jesus,” said Ken.

He sees these students as valuable leaders for ministry, and he looks forward to seeing how God will continue to work in their lives. “Their knowledge and experience is a huge asset to God’s kingdom, and I am so glad that God had chosen me to be a part of their growth,” he said. 

Please pray for these young leaders and the work God is doing through them, and pray for Ken as he continues to minister to young leaders. 

*The young leaders who participated in the trainings are from a country where Christians face persecution and names have been changed for security.