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Houston, Texas, is packed with hospitals. So it’s little surprise that out of the nearly 50 people who attend Filipino-American Christian Reformed Church, 32 are medical professionals.

But Houston’s hospitals are not just a job opportunity for believers of the Resonate Global Mission church plant—the hospitals are also an outreach opportunity.

A Need for Prayer in Hospitals

“One day, a member of the church said: ‘I have a patient in the hospital who has no family visiting him,” said Ronnie Lopez, who planted Filipino-American CRC in partnership with Resonate.

Hospitalized in the intensive care unit, the patient was scheduled to have a limb amputated. He spent long days surrounded by beeping machines in the bleak hospital room. His only visitors were medical staff.

Fil, a radiology technician who attends Filipino-American CRC, was grieved by the patient’s loneliness. As the days passed and the man’s amputation loomed closer, Fil made an effort to spend extra time checking in on the patient and talking with him. He told the man about the church he attended and asked if he’d like some visitors.

A few days later, Ronnie and elders from Filipino-American CRC crowded into the patient’s hospital room and asked if they could pray for him. As Ronnie and the elders prayed for healing, strength, and encouragement, the man’s body shook with sobs.

“We can minister to those people who are sick,” said Ronnie. He notes that the man has recovered and has been released from the hospital. He lives a three-hour drive away from where Filipino-American CRC meets, but he sent thanks to Ronnie and the elders for their meaningful visit and prayerful support.

And the prayer hasn’t stopped. As medical staff from Filipino-American CRC encounter patients who need prayer and support, they let the church know. Within a week, Ronnie and other members of the church will visit the patients in the hospital and offer prayer.

 “We call it Mercy Ministry,” said Ronnie.

Testimonies of Healing

Mercy Ministry is one way that Filipino-American CRC walks alongside people in their communities to be present with them

At age 64, doctors discovered three cancerous tumors in Che-Che Andrade’s lungs. She was immediately scheduled for surgery to remove them. A skilled nurse, Che-Che knew exactly what she was up against. She believed in God and believed he could heal her, but as the surgery loomed closer, she was nervous.

Che-Che’s brother, a member of Filipino-American CRC, told her: “There’s a church in Pearland praying for you. They mention you by name.”

As Che-Che underwent surgeries to remove her cancerous tumors, the believers of Filipino-American CRC prayed fervently for her healing. Che-Che knows God heard their prayers.

“We went to meet the oncologist after the surgery to discuss a plan for chemotherapy,” said Che-Che. “The doctor said: ‘You’re not getting chemo … we don’t see anything to treat.’”

“This is the work of their prayer,” said Che-Che. “It’s by the grace of God.”

Soon after, Che-Che showed up to worship with Filipino-American CRC and has returned many times. “If these people are praying for me,” said Che-Che, “I had to show up there so people could see the results of their prayer … I’m healed.”

She said she’s thankful for God’s grace in her life and the church’s commitment to pray for her. Thank you for supporting Resonate church plants like Filipino-American CRC as they prayerfully seek to expand God’s kingdom in their communities.