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Scott Vander Ploeg leads a mission-shaped congregation in Florida

Scott Vander Ploeg looks back on the time he spent serving in Nigeria as one of the most “stretching and rewarding” years of his life.

Scott and his wife, Andrea, served with Resonate Global Mission at Veenstra Seminary in Donga, Nigeria, in 2001-2002. This was an internship during Scott’s studies at Calvin Theological Seminary.

“We hadn’t been overseas at all and we were about to take off for [Nigeria],” recalls Scott. “You can image as we were sitting in the airport there were quite a bit of nerves...a time of excitement and a lot of questions.”

Today Scott says God has used that one year experience to shape his understanding of mission as he serves as the head pastor at Sunlight Community Church in Port St. Lucie, Florida. He recently reflected on this in the church’s weekly live stream video series.

“One of the things that we loved about being missionaries was making friends with people. . . playing dominoes, monopoly,” Scott says in the video. “Pretty much day and night we had students in our home, people who  became lifelong friends and God is still using these friendships.”

Scott has been serving at Sunlight Community Church since 2004, and he has continued to be mission-minded as he leads this congregation.

“My hope is that our church will be a missionary-sending church,” says Scott. “I would love it especially if there are some young people who sense the call of God in their life.”

Sunlight Community Church has also been mission-minded in its own part of the world. Over the last few years, Resonate has partnered with them to plant two satellite churches near Port St. Lucie—Sunlight Community Church Lake Worth and Sunlight Espanol.

Watch the whole video to hear Scott’s reflections as well as words of advice for those seeking a call to mission work from Zach King, Resonate’s director.

“The more we align ourselves with God’s work in mission the more joy we have as Christians,” says Zach.