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Mark Jallim Intro

Mark Jallim is the new Local Mission Leader for the Eastern Canada Region.

Dear friends,

You may already know me as Mark Jallim, a Commissioned Pastor with Hebron CRC and a full-time pastor with Living Hope Community Church (LHCC) in Whitby, ON. LHCC, our vibrant church plant established in 2020, has been a cornerstone of my ministry journey.

In my new role as Local Mission Leader - Diaspora and Diversity, I'm excited to develop relationships with local partners, including classes, congregations, ecumenical partners, and community partners. These connections will support the development of mission-shaped congregations, missional leaders, and holistic mission networks, both locally and globally.

As someone who values the richness that comes from diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences, I am committed to creating spaces where individuals from all walks of life feel valued, included, and celebrated. I believe that embracing diversity not only enriches our community but also reflects the inclusive love of Christ. In this role, I am eager to champion initiatives that empower and unite diverse communities within the diaspora, fostering vibrant expressions of faith and cultural exchange.

Originally from the beautiful country of Guyana, South America, I bring with me a rich cultural perspective that shapes and enriches my approach to ministry. My experiences have been profoundly influenced by my passion for diaspora and diversity, which fuels my desire to create inclusive spaces where everyone feels valued.

I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to embark on this journey with each of you. Together, let's continue to embody the values of faith, diversity, and love as we advance God's mission of reconciliation and renewal in our midst.


                               With gratitude and anticipation,

                                             Mark Jallim, Local Mission Leader - Diaspora and Diversity