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Kevin Giraffe

Resonate director Kevin DeRaaf is thrilled to announce a brand new mission mascot, Kevin GiRaffe!

Kevin GiRaffe arrived at Resonate's office in Burlington this morning to lead a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the recently-completed Zachary King Girafferarium. Resonate staff look forward to introducing Kevin GiRaffe at the upcoming Council of Delegates meetings as well as Synod 2024.

Kevin GiRaffe will be fully binational and split his time between Grand Rapids and Burlington as he is in an ecclesiastical role. Resonate’s Leadership Team has a retreat scheduled with Kevin Giraffe to fill him in on Resonate’s 3 Core Initiatives.

Kevin GiRaffe is a juvenile Northern Giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis who was born on June 12 last year at the Toronto Zoo. He is a courageous and resourceful calf who has already won the hearts and minds of over 600 donors that contributed towards his purchase price as well as costs related to girafferarium additions at the Burlington and Grand Rapids offices, and a Resonate-liveried overheight transport trailer. Kevin DeRaaf is confident that Kevin GiRaffe will help Resonate bring fresh energy to the Christian Reformed Church.

Although Kevin GiRaffe is currently only slightly taller than Kevin DeRaaf, at 3.7 meters (12 feet), denominational veterinarians project that he will grow to between 5.5-6 meters (18-19 feet) over the next several years. He could weigh as much as 1,900 kg (4,200 lbs) by the time he is fully grown, nearly five times the size of a typical horse.

"That reminds me of how much Resonate is going to grow in that same time period," said Brian Geers, Resonate's Marketing and Communications Director, "and I think it's important to start right away with the Kevins' church visits." Overall, Kevin GiRaffe is expected to live well in excess of 40 years and plans to make appearances at every CRC congregation as well as denominational gatherings and media spots in the field.

Resonate's fundraising staff have been hard at work among the CRCNA's agricultural communities to source native foods for Kevin, a ruminant related to cows, sheep, and horses that eats woody plants; mostly acacia trees. "It feels good to be involved with both church planting and plant planting," said James Vanderlaan, Resonate's Advancement Director. 

Missionaries around the globe tuned in via Zoom to meet Kevin GiRaffe. He ate fan mail from at least eight countries, and phones at Resonate have been ringing continually with young people interested in mission-focused ministry (and giraffes).

To those of you still reading, we wish you a happy April Fool’s day and hope you’ve enjoyed our spoof! Other denominational leaders are considering the purchase of animal mascots and welcome your suggestions.