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When news of the coronavirus hit Haiti, the message to wash hands was loud and clear to the public—but the means to wash hands wasn’t accessible for everyone. Access to clean, fresh water is a major concern in Haiti everyday. During a pandemic, the need for clean water is even greater.

One Resonate Global Mission IMPACT club decided to fill that need.

A Resonate initiative, IMPACT clubs equip and empower young people to be servant leaders in their communities. A core value that young people learn through being part of an IMPACT club is to be an “active citizen”—not waiting for others to take action, but to step up and fill needs in their neighborhoods. To be the hands and feet of Jesus.

IMPACT club leaders constantly encourage young people to think of ways they can solve problems in their communities and serve their neighbors. And even though IMPACT clubs cannot meet together during the pandemic because of restrictions on the number of people allowed at gatherings, the IMPACT club of Delmas 24 (named for their road and neighborhood) saw a problem and wanted to fix it. They wanted their families and neighbors to be able to safely wash their hands.

“Some junior leaders took initiative and saw this as a way to use [their] training,” said Jean Fevrier Cherubin, who leads Resonate’s IMPACT clubs in Haiti.

A few young leaders gathered together, made a plan, presented it to their club leader, and then mobilized their IMPACT club into action. With the resources already available to them, the club set up a handwashing station using a 50-gallon barrel of clean water.


"It is wonderful to see young people empowered and understanding they don't need to wait on anyone else to take action,” said Johnny Gryglewicz, a Resonate missionary in Haiti who works with IMPACT clubs as a leadership developer. 

Johnny said that it’s also encouraging to see young people use resources that are already available to them. Many people feel hopeless—and wait for others to change their community and situation—because they don’t have the resources they think they need to help their communities.

“What we love about IMPACT is that we teach them that everyone can do something,” said Johnny. “We don’t need to sit on the gifts and talents God already gave us. IMPACT teaches us that we all have resources, even if it is our own hands and feet.”

The Delmas 24 neighborhood is putting the handwashing station to good use, and other IMPACT clubs in Haiti also have the materials and plans to set up handwashing stations in their communities. 

“I am proud of them,” said Fevrier. “The most important core value of IMPACT … is being a servant citizen and showing God’s love in the way they are loving and serving their community.”

Thank you for empowering and equipping young people to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities through Resonate partner IMPACT clubs!