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Resonate Global Mission missionaries Ray and Angie DeLange are asking you to pray for Adel (name changed for security), a man who heard the gospel for the very first time.

Ray and Angie serve in Vancouver, British Columbia, among a people group from a predominantly Muslim background. Like Adel, many of the people they minister among have moved to Canada from a country where Christianity is taboo and Christians face persecution. But in Canada, where people are free to talk more openly about their faith, they have the opportunity to hear the gospel. Through your support of Resonate and Ray and Angie’s ministry, you help make it possible to share God’s Word.

One day, Ray and one of his ministry partners met Adel while he was pushing his one-year-old grandchild in a stroller. The three men struck up a good conversation about the gospel, but it wasn’t long before Adel’s grandchild started to impatiently fidget and kick.

“I’m afraid I should get going,” said Adel.

“Would you come back next week—same place, same time—so we can talk some more?” Ray asked.

Adel said yes, and Ray shared his phone number with him. But Ray and his ministry partner weren’t too sure if Adel was just being polite. They weren’t confident that Adel would show up the next week.

But one week later, much to Ray’s surprise, Adel called to confirm where and when they would be meeting.

The group met outside of the local library. Ray and his team had brought chairs, coffee, and doughnuts for the conversation. 

“I asked to begin with prayer knowing that only the Lord of heaven and earth could move a man’s heart,” said Ray. “As I prayed, wind blew through the tree branches above us and God’s peace settled over us.”

And then they turned to the gospel of John and read:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.

You may have read this verse many times, but for Adel, it was the first time hearing about Jesus as God. The men stopped right then and there to talk about what this verse means for Adel, his family, his community, and the world.

“Much of what we were saying was radical and laden with forbidden concepts for Adel: the eternal existence of the Son, the oneness and threeness of the Trinity, and the role of the Holy Spirit,” said Ray.

But Adel sat with them for the next two hours! Ray said he found Adel to be “exceptional.” He was humble—and honest with his questions and reservations. 

Will you please pray for Adel? That day, Adel took a step toward learning more about Jesus. He was not ready to make a life-changing decision, but he did ask to keep the copy of the New Testament that the group had been reading together.

And while Ray hasn’t heard from Adel since that day,  Adel has Ray’s number in case he ever has questions or wants to get in touch. It can take a long time for someone to accept Christ as Lord and Savior. Wherever Adel is on his walk to learn more about Christ, please pray for the Holy Spirit to continue stirring his heart.