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Helping Without Hurting In Africa

Moses is a pastor in Uganda. His community struggled to meet their basic needs—until you equipped him with the resources to make a difference.

Preparing a Heart

Moses grew up in Koboko, Uganda. With little access to local resources and being unable to grow enough food to support the community, his village experienced years of hardship.

Growing up was difficult for Moses—especially when his parents kicked him out of their home because of his faith in God. Feeling lost and alone, he took refuge in a local church and began working to support himself. 

Like most people in Koboko, Moses struggled to make ends meet. Each day, he walked 10 kilometers to attend school. Each night, he worked to earn enough to eat.

It was hard, but Moses trusted in the Lord. He was saving up his modest salary to be able to pay for his education and become a pastor. Moses wanted to help his community overcome the challenges he had also faced. 

And God used your help to bring him together with your Resonate ministry leaders.

Equipped to Make a Difference

Moses - Helping Without Hurting In Africa

Anthony Sytsma and Jonny Kabiswa, your Resonate ministry leaders, invited Moses to attend a Helping Without Hurting in Africa (HWHIA) training.

Jonny and Anthony created HWHIA to equip leaders like Moses to transform their communities. Poverty is complex and HWHIA seeks to help leaders find Christ-centered, sustainable solutions to poverty that not only focus on the physical needs but the spiritual, emotional, and relational needs as well.

“One of the goals of HWHIA is to help people who already love and care about the materially poor, to learn how to help them in effective ways which won’t create shame or dependency. We want to see people helped with material needs, but also see them be the people God created them to be—people who have meaningful work to do, a close relationship with God, and healthy relationships with others,” said Anthony. 

“We want to see people appreciate and put to use their God-given skills and talents. We want people to feel uplifted so they can move from dependent to independent,” added Jonny.

The Start of Lasting Impact

Feeling encouraged after completing the HWHIA training, Moses decided to apply what he learned from your ministry leaders. He started by empowering the people at the church he leads. 

Moses shared about the importance of stewardship with his church, and about how to use the gifts God has given them to foster their community development. Through thoughtful lessons and hands-on training, Moses also taught many others in Koboko how to identify their skills and abilities—and how to use them to serve their village. 

“In the next five to ten years, our community will be able to use their God-given abilities and gifts to be productive and good stewards of what God is doing in our villages,” said Moses, who will soon be leading his own HWHIA training. 

It’s your support that has helped provide solutions for a community in need—thank you! Now, Moses, his church, and their neighbors feel hopeful for the future. 

Your Help to Provide a French Translation is Needed

Working toward sustainability is a long process, and the challenges that the people of Koboko face are not isolated to their village. HWHIA offers a solution by equipping pastors and churches to care for materially poor people and bring transformation and strategy to organizations throughout Africa. 

After each training, many participants share that the training is needed in their community—but materials are not available in their language. Some participants have even attempted a rough translation of parts of the curriculum themselves because they are so passionate about wanting to teach this to others. Currently, the training is only available in English, which limits its use and access. 

Moses - Helping Without Hurting In Africa

Translations of the curriculum into French and Kiswahili—two of the most widely spoken languages in Africa—are needed. The curriculum's positive impact on communities like the village of Koboko has grown its demand and has highlighted the urgent need for new translations. 

You can help meet this demand. 

Jonny and Anthony write, "We hope that you will consider contributing to this fundraising. It is a significant amount to raise, but we know that if many people make small gifts, then together we can accomplish this goal. Thank you very much for taking the time to read about this need, and thank you for your care, generosity, and support."

Will you help provide African leaders with a French translation of Helping Without Hurting in Africa? With your partnership, we can equip more leaders to transform communities in Africa for Christ. Thank you for your prayerful consideration and support!