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John Eigege, a self-described “missionary from Nigeria to the USA,” is living a new model for ministry in Houston’s historic and broken Third Ward.

While studying the Lord’s Prayer, John was gripped by the line “Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven,” and through this promise of renewal, he began to see the Third Ward differently: “not as a dangerous place or a place that was so poor, but…as this boundary space, this threshold place where beauty and brokenness collided. Where hope and despair lived simultaneously close to each other.”

John’s wife Chichi puts it this way: the riches of the Third Ward are not physical, material, or structural. “A lot of the riches are in the people and in the experiences and in just the love and care that people have for this neighborhood.”

Resonate brings you John's full story of his mission with the Third Ward in the new video, "On Earth as it is in Heaven."

All across North America, God is working to transform lives and communities, and Resonate is committed to answering God's call to join him. Together with you, Resonate is working to transform lives and communities – communities like the Third Ward in Houston.

“There is opportunity to do missions around the world but there’s also so many opportunities to do missions right here in North America,” says John. “There are things that we can learn from the perspective of ministries which are doing good work around the gospel and transformation and bringing of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven whatever that context may be.”