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Roseann Dykstra and a woman she teaches English to

What does Jesus mean to you? God laid a love for sharing the gospel on Roseann's heart—and that's why she gives to Resonate Global Mission.

“Jesus means everything to me,” said Roseann Dykstra. 

Roseann lives in Lansing, Illinois, and has been a lifelong member of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. She is also a faithful steward of mission through Resonate Global Mission’s church offerings and through estate giving.

“I can look back over the years and just see how the Holy Spirit has been working in me gradually through the years—and more and more, my heart just breaks for people who don’t know Jesus,” she said.

As a child, Roseann was aware of global mission through her family’s giving to denominational agencies. As an adult, she said: “God has laid a love for missions on my heart.”

She’s served on her church’s mission team, and she gives financially to Resonate and other mission agencies. At first, her heart was focused on overseas mission, but now she’s just as passionate about mission at home—especially since her own neighborhood has started to look more ethnically diverse as people have moved into town, including recent immigrants and refugees.

There’s no more important thing than spreading the gospel and teaching people about Jesus and the way of salvation.

When she feels discouraged by news in the world or even sometimes by conflict in churches, Roseann takes heart from how God is working through Resonate’s ministry. She feels more hopeful when she’s reading stories of how “God is bringing people to himself all over the world.”

“I just marvel at the way God is working through our relatively small denomination,” she said. 

Roseann lives out mission in her life, not only through her financial support but also through giving of her time and skills. She takes an active role in connecting with her neighbors from diverse cultures. After retiring from teaching at Lansing Christian School, she started teaching English as a second language..

Five or six times each week, Roseann meets with men and women in her community who want to improve their English. She is especially thankful for the friendships she has formed.

“I am really close to them,” she said. “A number of years ago I became acquainted with a woman from Mexico. We don’t even open our books to study. She just needs to talk, so that’s how we spend our time together.”

Roseann notes that circumstances in this world are temporary, but sharing the gospel with someone can make an eternal difference.

“I think there’s no more important thing,” she said, “than spreading the gospel and teaching people about Jesus and the way of salvation.”