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Resonate missionaries Navy and Ly and two other people pray for Ms. Litha

Ms. Litha was a devoted Buddhist. But her life changed when she met your Resonate missionaries.

“Why are you different?”

Dishes clanked as Ms. Litha scooped rice noodles into a bowl. A cook at Chhay Villa Restaurant, she was preparing num banh chok, a traditional Cambodian dish, as she talked with John and Anna.

John is the son of your Resonate Global Mission missionaries Ly Chhay and Navy Chann-Chhay. John and his wife, Anna, own Chhay Villa Restaurant in Phnom Penh. They hired Ms. Litha after learning about her skill and creativity in the kitchen.

Ms. Litha knew that John and Anna were Christians, but they weren’t like the Christians Ms. Litha had met before.

A Country Where Christians Are Few and Far Between

Like most people in Cambodia, Ms. Litha was a devoted Buddhist. In a country where you’ll find Buddhist temples and shrines on nearly every street corner, Christians are few and far between. Ms. Litha saw one of her neighbors, Bible in hand, hop on her motorbike to head to church every Sunday—but this neighbor was often mean and judgmental. 

John and Anna were kind and caring.

They were kind and always took care of me as a staff person.

“I noticed that they were friendly people and often asked me how I was doing,” said Ms. Litha about John and Anna. “They were kind and always took care of me as a staff person. And most importantly, when I have a problem, they try to help me as much as they can.”

When Ms. Litha asked John and Anna why they were different, the couple shared that because God loved them, they sought to love those around them in any way they can. They asked Ms. Litha if she wanted to learn more about God.

She said, “yes.”

Reading the Bible for the First Time

John and Anna invited Ms. Litha to a Global Coffee Break Bible study that your Resonate missionaries Navy and Ly lead. Through Global Coffee Break, you help give people the tools to read, understand, and dig into what the Bible says and means for their lives today.

Led by your missionaries and surrounded by a community of believers, Ms. Litha started reading the Bible for the first time.

“Ms. Litha started to read the book of Genesis to understand more about God and God’s plan for the world and his people,” said Navy. 

Ms. Litha was captivated by the God in the Bible—but she had been a Buddhist for as long as she could remember. How could she be certain about the truth?

The Day Life Changed

And then one of Ms. Litha’s friends was in a horrible car accident. The doctor told Ms. Litha that her friend’s injuries were critical—he wasn’t sure if anything he did would help and that Ms. Litha should say good-bye to her friend.

At work that day, John and Anna noticed that something was off with Ms. Litha. Anna gently asked if everything was okay. Ms. Litha shared about the accident and the doctor’s diagnosis. 

“We should pray for your friend,” said Anna. 

I have decided to dedicate myself to the Father.

For the first time since hearing about her friend’s accident, Ms. Litha felt hopeful. She had been reading about God’s work and plan to renew all things—maybe God could heal her friend. Ms. Litha asked your missionaries Navy and Ly to pray with her too.

The next day, when Ms. Litha went to visit her friend, she learned that her friend was no longer in critical condition. The doctor could hardly believe it, but it looked like Ms. Litha’s friend was going to pull through.

“Since then I have decided to dedicate myself to the Father, and I always pray and study his Word, and he always answers every time I pray to him,” said Ms. Litha.

Continuing to Grow as a Disciple of Christ

Thank you for your heart for people like Ms. Litha to know the hope of Jesus! Ms. Litha’s friend has made a full recovery, and Ms. Litha loves sharing how she and your missionaries prayed for her.

Ms. Litha continues to grow as a disciple of Christ as your missionaries continue to study the Bible with her using Global Coffee Break Bible study materials you make possible.

Ms. Litha says thank you! She also asks you to pray for her: “I would like to ask all of you as God’s followers to pray to the Father to help me. For God to bless me with wisdom, spirit, ability, strength, as well as pouring out to God.”