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Sasha* did not believe in God. But while studying at LCC International University, your Resonate Global Mission ministry partner in Lithuania, she’s becoming amazed by the hope of Christ.

Seeking Answers

While LCC is a Christian university, not all students are Christians. “The vast majority of our students have just not had the opportunity to be exposed to the Bible, the gospel, or church life that includes a strong concept of Christian community,” said your Resonate missionary Steve Van Zanen.

That was Sasha’s experience growing up. Sasha went to church once or twice a year out of obligation, but she didn’t believe in God. Still, she was curious—and during her first year at LCC, she started to doubt her atheism. The next year, she took two Bible classes with Steve. She sat in the front row, shared her own insights to Steve’s questions, and asked thoughtful questions of her own.

At the end of the course, Steve always provides an extra-credit assignment for students to attend a worship service. Because of COVID-19, Steve asked students to attend worship gatherings online and write a reflection about their experience.

Sasha didn’t need the extra-credit assignment. “She was already going to get the top score,” said Steve.

Finding Hope

Sasha joined LCC’s online Easter gathering and noticed stark contrasts from the Christian tradition that she was familiar with. It made her question what it means to be a Christian. She wrote in her reflection to Steve that she was amazed by the message of hope: “The message was built on the premise of love, mercy, and grace rather than fear and obligation to obey almighty God.”

Digging into the gospel at LCC has given Sasha an opportunity to see God, church, and Christianity in a different light. The differences have confused Sasha, and she’s still seeking answers—but as she wrestles with doubt, she finds comfort in the testimonies she heard on Easter. She has a newfound hope that only comes from Christ!

“It is okay to have hesitations,” she wrote to Steve in her reflection. “It’s okay to question one’s faith. I think that this is one of the most powerful outcomes I could’ve taken not only from this Easter service but also from the entire Bible course. I still have time to make my way to faith.”

That’s why Steve and other Resonate missionaries serve at LCC—they’re sharing the gospel with students who may have never had the opportunity to learn about the hope of Christ. Thank you for supporting this important ministry!

Will you please pray for Sasha? Ask the Holy Spirit to continue working in her heart. Pray that she continues to ask questions and seek answers—and that as she seeks answers, she’ll find the truth. Pray that she’ll come to have a relationship with Jesus and know him as her Lord and Savior.

*Name has been changed