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From a semester abroad student, to a year-long volunteer, Adrianna answered God’s call to Nicaragua

“Adventures are ahead—Nicaragua, my last year of college, and then . . . whatever God says.”

Adrianna Oudman was preparing for a semester abroad in Nicaragua when she formed that plan in 2010 and wrote it on her first blog post. But God was preparing her for something much bigger.

Adrianna ultimately fell in love with the people and the culture of Nicaragua when she studied abroad. That’s why, three years later, she felt God calling her back there for a year-long mission experience with Resonate. And you joined her.

A Deepened Understanding for Mission

Thanks to your faithful encouragement, thoughtful questions, and financial support for Adrianna and for other volunteers like her, she was able to explore her calling to cross-cultural mission and deepen her relationship with the people she worked with in Nicaragua. Your involvement made that possible.

Adrianna’s year-long experience with Resonate and our partners at the Nehemiah Center made her realize that she wanted to serve in Nicaragua long-term.

Staying true to her commitment to doing “whatever God says,” Adrianna became a Resonate missionary who works through the Nehemiah Center. Again, you continue to make that possible when you send leaders like her to serve God’s people around the world.

Discovering God's Plan

Still, not everyone whom you send overseas chooses to stay or to take on another mission-service assignment. Some return to North America with a better understanding of God’s world and become servants right in their own community. Either way, your support for short-term missionaries helps them discover where God is calling them next.

Your support for Adrianna has come full circle in some ways. Today she prepares other hearts for effective service in Nicaragua and in North America, facilitating partnerships between Nicaraguan and North American churches. (See Video above for a better understanding of her ministry).

“By helping these churches communicate and pray for each other, I’m bringing those two worlds together into one friendship,” says Adrianna, “helping them appreciate each other the way I appreciate them.”

Whom is God calling you to encourage? Missionaries are waiting for you to send them. Or is God calling you to get involved in mission ministry yourself? Contact Resonate to begin exploring opportunities.