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Feet on a path coated with colorful leaves

There are a lot of opportunities to share the love of Christ with our neighbors! But fall is often a busier season for many people—that means we have to be a little more intentional about connecting with our neighbors.

Many people might think of missions as going overseas, but what if God has placed you right in your neighborhood? We all have unique opportunities to share the love of Christ with those who are living right next door or down the street. 

But with the start of the school year, sports, and church programming, people are often busier in the fall—that means we have to be a little more intentional about connecting with our neighbors. Here are ten ideas to connect with your neighbors and build relationships this autumn.

  1. Is your community hosting any fall events or festivals? Go and join in the fun! Check to see if they need any volunteers beforehand and jump in.
  2. See a neighbor out raking their leaves or doing some fall yard work? Grab your rake and other tools to lend a hand!
  3. Hand out donuts and cider in your front yard on a Saturday morning. Ask your neighbors questions to get to know them better.
  4. Set up a fire pit in your driveway and invite your neighbors to join you. Send out invitations to your neighbors beforehand, or invite people as they walk by. You could also pick up some ingredients for s’mores.
  5. Bake something and drop it off! Include a nice note to your neighbors sharing how glad you are that
    they live in the neighborhood.
  6. Have a pumpkin decorating party in your yard. Invite everyone to bring their pumpkins to carve or paint together. Pick up a few extra pumpkins so you can invite neighbors as they’re walking by.
  7. Invite a neighbor or two to go on a walk for a color tour of your neighborhood.
  8. Host a soup exchange! Invite all of your neighbors to make their favorite soup and then gather together to swap bowls and recipes.
  9. Pick some apples and drop off a bag to your neighbors. Ask if they have any special recipes for apple season and if they’d be willing to share. You could even gather all the recipes together for a neighborhood cookbook.
  10. Halloween is just around the corner and kids are looking for their next costume! Gather your neighbors together for a Halloween costume exchange. People can swap costumes and props while getting to know one another.

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