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Having your missionaries in town is a unique opportunity. Here are ten ideas to make the most of their visit and to strengthen your partnership with them and your ministry together.

Missionaries periodically leave the field and spend a few months in North America for ReConnect. Formerly known as home service, Re-Connect is a focused time for missionaries to connect with churches in North America who are partnering with them in ministry

Many churches give missionaries a few minutes during a worship service to share about their ministry. This is a great opportunity, especially since many of your church members are there, but having your missionaries in town to visit your church is a unique opportunity. There’s so much more your church can do to strengthen your partnership. How can you make the most of your time?

1. Invite your missionary to coffee or meals with church leaders.

Taking time to get coffee or share a meal together will give your church leaders an opportunity to get to know your missionary better.

2. Gather the church together for a potluck or picnic.

Gather the entire congregation together for food, fun, and fellowship. It will give your missionary and church members an opportunity to connect with one another. It doesn’t even have to be an entire meal—it can just be dessert. (We have free placemats you can use. For kiddos too.)

3. Host a cultural night.

Let your church members take a trip to a new country—no passport or visa required. Host a cultural night and give your missionary an opportunity to introduce your church members to the culture, customs, and food of the country where they serve. 

4. Host a Q&A.

Gather your church members together and ask your missionary questions about themselves, their ministry, and what life is like for them. Prepare questions in advance, but make sure you give your church members in the audience an opportunity to ask their questions too.

5. Invite missionaries to participate in prayer groups, Bible studies, Sunday School, and other small groups or ministries of your church.

Inviting your missionary to participate in small groups and other ministries of your church not only gives them an opportunity to share and connect with people, but they get to experience some of your church’s ministry too.

6. Invite your missionary to join you in a local outreach opportunity.

Does your church have any local outreach ministries? Invite your missionary to serve with you, and then debrief afterward over a meal, coffee, or dessert. Your missionary brings treasured skills and a new perspective.

7. Invite your missionary to lead a workshop on mission.

Many churches want to share the gospel with their neighbors, but they aren't sure where or how to start. Utilize your missionary’s skills and experience and host a workshop with members of your congregation. You could even invite members of other churches in your neighborhood. 

8. Invite your missionary to a church member’s home.

Gather a small group of people and invite your missionary for a meal, cookout, or game night at a church member’s home. It’s a good opportunity for you missionary to connect more closely with people.

9. Invite your missionary to preach.

Many missionaries who are ordained love to preach and are very gifted in connecting with a congregation in that way. Missionaries who aren't ordained might like an opportunity to preach too, or at least share stories of God at work in your ministry together.

10. Invite your missionary to give the children’s message.

Give your missionary some time with young people in your congregation and invite them to give the children’s message.

Connect with your missionary before he or she visits and plan something that works for both of you!