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About this Church Plant

In September 2012, Square Inch Houston started as a "house church" with a small team of mission-minded people. As a church, we gathered on Saturdays around the rhythms of worship to God, growth as a community, and service to our neighborhood and city.

In June 2014, our community fell in love with Houston's historic Third Ward, and decided to become part of the story of transformation we believed God was writing there. With Third Ward as our learning community, we would shift our strategy from establishing a traditional church, to establishing networks of relationships for the social and spiritual renewal of our neighborhood.

We truly believe, in the depths of our hearts, that God is making all things new! He is restoring wholeness and flourishing to every corner of our neighborhood using every sphere of society to do so. Everyone has a part to play in his great drama of restoration. God graciously invites us all to be agents of transformation, catalyzing and mobilizing all people of good faith and good will for the social and spiritual renewal in our community.