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About this Church Plant

For over a hundred years the Christian Reformed Church has had a local presence in the Roosevelt Park and Black Hills neighborhoods of SW Grand Rapids. As of last summer when Roosevelt Park CRC closed its doors to the local community, that presence was gone. However, God has placed a group of ministry leaders who have lived in the neighborhoods for well over a decade. This group of leaders has a deep passion for the people of the community and their access to a healthy, Gospel centered Church whose foundation is rooted in Reformed Theology.

The mission of Southwest Community Church is to care as God cares for our neighbors. We envision a Church that will care for, raise up and equip followers of Jesus on every street in the SW Community who are impacting the lives of their neighbors for Christ.

Our core values are: 

  1. To be a refuge for those who have never attended church or have been hurt by the church.
  2. Intentional Diversity in all aspects of the church.
  3. Discipleship (Truly building up and mentoring new and young believers to follow Jesus)
  4. Intentional focus on Southwest Neighborhood. (Our heart is to reach the unChurched of our local community)
  5. Welcoming & Friendly: We want to care for and show Christ love to all who gather with us