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About this Church Plant

We have seen time and time again that God is at work in this neighborhood. However, there is no community of people that we have found who have covenented themselves to joining God's work and pursuing God's dream in this neighborhood; making disciples of Jesus, and showing themselves to be a public witness of the gospel. In other words, there is not a church.

Located in the South Western edge of the City of Seattle, South Park has a rich history of community resilience and entrepreneurial spirit as a response to divestment and neglect from the city of Seattle. While this divestment has created a huge gap in opportunity for neighbors, it has also created a culture of resilience and collaboration amongst residents. This strong sense of local identity is reinforced by its geographical character; South Park is well delimited by a highway, the Duwamish River, and industrial land and it is fairly isolated from the rest of Seattle. These factors make it important that any effort to develop a faith community must be local, lead by neighbors, and representative of the cultural heritages in the neighborhood.

Over 40% of South Park residents are first generation immigrants from Latin America. 20% are from Asia, and the rest white european and African American. We function via a Parish model, which holds a core team of 8-12 South Park residents coveted to common mission, spiritual formation, and relationship as we discern God's dream for this neighborhood. The Parish model integrates discipleship and evangelism in a constant process of *being* the church in the neighborhood. Growth then, is calling people into a way of life characterized by giving of oneself to God's dream and grow into the image of Jesus, love of God, and love of neighbor though relationships together in the neighborhood.