Peer to Peer Interfaith Network

The Peer to Peer Interfaith Network establishes and links cohorts of pastoral leaders from the Christian Reformed Church and Reformed Church in America congregations across North America who are equipped to initiate and develop friendships of mutual understanding with Muslims.

The network is made up of local pastoral leaders who seek to encourage their congregations to engage in ministry alongside of, with, and to Muslims—while also developing distinctly Reformed approaches to Christian-Muslim relationships that witness the love of Christ and love of neighbor.

Participation & Process

Joining the network starts with a 10-day cross-cultural international contextual experience in a Muslim majority context. The cross-cultural international experience is preceded by an internet-based orientation led by a number of CRC and RCA pastors and practitioners.

After the international experience, participants engage their local congregations and invite Muslim leaders from their community to join them in regular dialogue or another activity. Their goal is to continue inviting Christians and Muslims to their gatherings so that these local seed networks create a community of further dialogue. Participants in the network also meet in a virtual community of practice to learn together and share experiences.


  • Practice engaging in respectful relationships with Muslim neighbors
  • Experience a brief lived field experience in a Muslim-majority context
  • Participate in sacred text study and dialogue between Christians and Muslims
  • Study Christian theologies of Islam, with particular emphasis on Reformed perspectives and also Islamic theologies and perspectives of Christianity
  • Learn from the lives of Christians who have served in Islamic contexts
  • Understand the complexity and diversity of Islam across cultures and through history
  • Recognize and correct misinformation about Islam and Muslims to Christians, while also intentionally correcting misinformation about Christianity in their relationships to Muslims
  • Propose and initiate action plans to engage in cooperative local ministry with Muslims in North America

Our prayer is that we will grow together as CRC and RCA leaders into best practices for interfaith ministry alongside of, with, and to Muslims. For more information contact Greg at or call 1-289-925-4390.