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Equip teachers to share the love of Christ in their classrooms.

In Nigeria, teaching is often a job that people look down upon. People become teachers as a last resort, and they are usually tossed into the classroom with little or no training. That's where Educational Care comes in.

Educational Care is a curriculum of Raise Up Global Ministries that Resonate missionaries use to help equip educators with best practices for teaching. But Educational Care goes beyond best practices—it helps educators see teaching as not just a job, but a calling and an opportunity to share the gospel. Educational Care training equips, empowers, and encourages teachers to share the love of Christ in their classrooms.

As an Educational Care Assistant Facilitator, you'll be working alongside passionate educators to help train teachers and school administrators.

  • Coordinate with experienced Educational Care facilitators to provide support for training events (in English) throughout Jos, Plateau State
  • Work directly with teachers and administrators participating in the training
  • Model multi-intelligence methods throughout the trainings
  • Relate various types of faith integration in different subject areas
  • Aid transition to exclusively Nigerian programing, as well as aid in extending the Master Trainer focus on Educational Care expansion in Abuja, Nigeria's capital
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of classroom teaching experience
  • Passion for integrating faith and learning
  • Desire and willingness to learn from Nigerian educators while supporting Educational Care facilitation
  • Volunteers are required to complete pre-field orientation as well as on-field orientation. For this position, you be required to complete a virtual introduction to Educational Care materials and methods before time of service (provided by Resonate.

The cost for this volunteer experience is an estimate and will depend on airfare and the length of time you are able to serve. Housing and transportation to and from the training sites is provided.

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