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Engage young adults in Honduras.

As a Youth Ministry Volunteer with Resonate's Cohort, you will get a hands-on look on what it means to share God's love with young people in Central America. You'll organize learning activities for young adults and learn from ministry leaders in Honduras who have a strong understanding of the ministry context. 

You will work together with a local program participant or facilitator to design learning activities for young adults. You'll also improve your ministry skills as part as the Cohort program by visiting other Cohort ministry sites in Central America. 

  • Willingness to be mentored by the Cohort team, as well as the in-country supervisor.
  • The volunteer must be in excellent health with the ability to live and travel in remote areas of Honduras.
  • They should be able to participate in labor intensive activities, be involved in sporting activities, and ride a horse.
  • Spanish helpful but not required. However, the volunteer must have the ability to learn Spanish.
  • A strong faith life is necessary.
  • Volunteers must be innovative and adaptable.
  • Attend volunteer orientation in Grand Rapids, MI from May 31 - June 2, 2017 or in Burlington, Ontario, Canada in the fall. Pre-field reading required.

One of the goals of the ministry in Honduras is to create missional leaders. Currently, this is being accomplished through the training of mentors for Impact Clubs and the training of Christian Education teachers and facilitators. Through the Cohort program, the volunteer would be paired with a mentor or education facilitator. Together they would participate in the preparation and facilitation of learning events, directed to young people or groups of local church members.

Cost notes: 

Costs will vary for airfare depending on the departure city and time of year.
Cost for language classes will vary depending upon level of Spanish.

  • Food $70 per week
  • Accommodations $150 per month
  • On-field travel: $90 per month
  • Ministry expenses: $1000 for the year
  • Travel to other Cohort locations $1500
  • Contribution to the Cohort Common Fund $2300

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