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Work with children in El Salvador.

As a youth ministry volunteer with Resonate's Cohort, you will work with two different ministries for children: Semilla de Mostaza and Escuelita Timoteo in El Salvador.

Semilla de Mostaza is a kindergarten in a marginalized community that serves the children of gang members. It was started by a pastor with the goal of providing children with education prior to entering first grade. Children at Semilla de Mostaza are 4-6 years old and take part in computer classes, Spanish language classes, basic mathematics, games, and sports. The kindergarten currently serves 25 children. This ministry is located on the outskirts of San Salvador, in the community La Iberia.

Escuelita Timoteo is an afterschool program for at-risk youth ages 7 to 16. Children and youth receive assistance with their homework, play sports, learn computer skills, and receive psychological help. The program currently serves 30 children and is located in San Salvador, in the community of La Zacamil.

You will also be a part of Seeds of New Creation's broader network. You will participate in Seeds’ weekly Bible studies, study Timothy Leadership Training and CETI (Interdisciplinary theological studies) with local church groups, and attend other Seeds activities and trainings.


You will split time between these two youth ministries, serving in both locations as an additional member on the local teams. You will help with all the activities where you have appropriate skills and knowledge (sports and games, assist youth with homework, etc.).

You must be interested and capable of working with children and youth ages 4-16 years old and have experience working with children of all ages. An interest and ability in sports is helpful but not required. You must be willing to improve your Spanish.

Note: This is a part-time volunteer position. You can also combine this position with another part-time position in El Salvador listed here.

Physical requirements: ability to withstand high temperatures. Ability to spend long days on feet.

Cost notes:

  • Housing: $250 per month
  • Food: $300 per month
  • Local transportation: $80 per month
  • House maintenance $50 per month
  • Communication: $15 per month
  • Internet and office supplies: $100 per month
  • Visa: $1000
  • Spanish classes: $150 per month if necessary
  • $1,500 is needed for travel to other Central American countries as part of the Central American Cohort Intensive program.

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