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Foster community engagement in Managua, Nicaragua, and beyond.

This position with the Nehemiah Center, a Resonate partner in Managua, Nicaragua, exists to support Nicaraguan local ministries in engaging the communities around them. The Nehemiah Center has worked with pastors and leaders towards a common worldview and shared vision for the city. Assistance is needed to help the local ministries healthily engage with the community around them.

As part of Resonate's Cohort, you will have the opportunity to engage in direct service, a spiritual formation process, and a theological perspectives training.


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  • Live in an intentional community of spiritual study and prayers
  • Engage with people in the community in conversations and work with local churches or schools seeking to engage through youth events and community development opportunities
  • Travel to other regions (Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, and El Salvador) to visit and learn from other ministries and practitioners
  • Carry bilingual conversations, take public transportation, and navigate alone in an urban setting
  • Spanish language skills are preferred, however, could be included in initial studies
  • Ability to work independently and engage with locals is imperative
  • Possess a strong desire to engage with Nicaraguan leaders and community members on a personal level and develop positive working relationships
  • Openness to learning a new culture and eat a staple diet of rice and beans

Cost notes:

$15,000 per year

Note: Additional costs include vaccinations, medical and travel insurance. Fundraising assistance is provided and ministry-related expenses are tax-deductible.

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