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Work with an outreach ministry that serves people who are blind.

Light and Salvation Ministry is an outreach program from Seeds of New Creation in El Salvador that serves people who are blind. The ministry needs someone who can do a wide variety of tasks, including teaching some classes on braille and creating promotional materials. This position is part of Resonate's Cohort, an opportunity to live in community, serve in a grassroots ministry, and engage in deep spiritual formation.

You will also be a part of Seeds of a New Creation's broader network. You will participate in Seeds’ weekly Bible studies, study Timothy Leadership Training and CETI (Interdisciplinary theological studies) with local church groups, and attend other Seeds activities and trainings.



You will assist in this ministry for children who are blind and their parents, helping to teach braille and other basic subjects. You will also help create basic promotional materials for the ministry, in both Spanish and English.

You must be an effective communicator, be willing and capable of engaging new people, and have beginner-intermediate Spanish and willingness to improve.

Physical Qualifications: Ability to withstand high temperatures. Ability to spend long days on feet. 

Note: This is a part-time volunteer position. You can also combine this position with another part-time position in El Salvador listed here.

Cost notes: 

  • Housing: $250 per month
  • Food: $300 per month
  • Local transportation: $80 per month
  • House maintenance $50 per month
  • Communication: $15 per month
  • Internet and office supplies: $100 per month
  • Visa: $1000
  • Spanish classes: $150 per month if necessary
  • $1,500 is needed for travel to other Central American countries as part of the Central American Cohort Intensive program.

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