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Walk alongside students in their personal and spiritual growth at LCC International University in Lithuania

Serve with LCC International University (LCC), a Resonate partner in Klaipėda, Lithuania that welcomes students from more than 55 countries.

LCC was established in 1991 in the wake of the fall of the Soviet Union. While LCC is a Christian school, most students do not identify as Christian, or they only identify as Christian by name and have never experienced a personal relationship with Jesus. Serving with LCC, you’ll gain valuable experience sharing the gospel with a student population that represents diverse cultures and faith backgrounds.

You'll spend a year working in the Student Life Department as a ministry coordinator in one of three areas of practice: discipleship programming through Campus Ministries, student service learning through the Office of Engagement and Formation, or living and learning communities through Residence Life. You'll be placed into areas of service that you have experience in, have passion for, or want to grow in. Opportunities of engagement across these three areas include: discipleship programming, interfaith programming and dialogue, worship leadership, campus coffee shop ministry, mentoring, intercultural engagement, conduct and discipline, relational work, and supporting other local service partners.

As part of Cohort, you'll be encouraged to cultivate an intentional living space together, and there's also an opportunity to engage with the thriving and relational expat community at LCC (over 65 expats from around the world live and work at LCC International University) Cohort volunteers can expect regular invitations from various staff and faculty, as well as a planned weekly gathering for the cohort members. 

Resonate missionaries Steve and Chris Van Zanen and Joel and Hailey Altena will walk alongside you through a year of growth and exploration. 

This placement is a part of the Cohort Europe program. As a participant in this program you'll have direct contact with other Resonate volunteers serving in Berlin, Germany and Budapest, Hungary. You'll begin your year together with a common orientation, and during the year you'll visit and host one another, being exposed to a variety of programs operating in different European contexts. With a shared curriculum and regular meeting times, you'll be able to grow in fellowship with your Cohort counterparts across the continent.

  • Participate as a full member of the staff of LCC International University
  • Participate in contextual learning through various professional development
  • Meet once a week with department colleagues to work on programming and development opportunities for students
  • Meet once a month with other Cohort Europe volunteers for learning and fellowship
  • Meet bi-weekly with an on site supervisor for mentorship
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the life of the local church
  • Professing Christian and active in a church 
  • Interest in cross-cultural ministry 
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Agree with and support LCC's mission
  • Open to young adults

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