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Work with people who are living with addictions to drugs and alcohol in Costa Rica.

Casa Adobe is located in the community of Santa Rosa, Costa Rica, a community in which various people, both homeless and residents, struggle with drug and alcohol addictions. Children run and play in the streets without supervision. Casa Adobe's mission is to be a community within the community, to be good neighbors, and to live out God's kingdom in a concrete way.

This position is part of Resonate's Cohort. You will have the opportunity to engage in direct service, a spiritual formation process, and a theological perspectives training.

This position is designed to create and establish relations between Casa Adobe and people who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol living in the surrounding community as well as with organizations that work directly with addicts and/or provide rehabilitation services.

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  • Converse with neighbors to build relationships of trust, gradually inquiring about challenges.
  • Develop strategies to assist Casa Adobe in helping those who are chemically dependent.
  • Research and develop partnerships with organizations working with addicts.
  • An advanced level of Spanish.
  • Prior experience with immigration services and law, community development, social relations experience, or other cross-cultural experience is helpful but not required.
  • Ability to work independently and engage in the community.
  • An understanding of Latin American culture or a desire to learn about Latin American culture.
  • A desire to live in intentional community.

Cost notes:


  • Airfare: Varies depending on departure city
  • Housing: $250/month
  • Food: $300/month
  • Transportation: $80/month
  • Ministry expenses: $100 total
  • Administrative supplies: $100 total
  • Cell phone: $40-$150
  • Cell phone minutes: $20/month
  • Visa extensions: $200 per quarter
  • Personal funds: $50/month
  • Other: Entrance or exit fees (vary)

Total: $9,400 per year plus airfare

Additional costs include vaccinations, medical and travel insurance, personal funds, etc. Fundraising assistance is provided and ministry-related expenses are tax-deductible.

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