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Build community in Detroit, Michigan.

As a community development assistant, you will live and work at one of Hesed Community Church's ministry houses in the Morningside neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan. Supporting the mission of the local house leaders, you will help facilitate an afterschool program, plan neighborhood block parties, meet day-to-day needs of community members, mentor local teens and children, and create a safe and welcoming environment. We’ll pair you with an experienced mentor who will guide you through a year of growth and exploration as you navigate your own vocation and role in the city and beyond.

The Community Development Assistant will be part of Cohort Detroit, an opportunity for a diverse group of young adult leaders serving at similar ministries and non-profits across the city. As members of the Cohort, participants will grow in community leadership, build intercultural friendships, and participate in learning conversations at the intersection of Christian service, racial justice, and vocation.

  • Live in the Hesed ministry house in the Morningside neighborhood of Detroit
  • Support an afterschool student program run through Hesed
  • Use your unique giftings (music, dance, technology, gaming, etc.) to engage local teens in meaningful relationships
  • Plan outreach events for the Morningside neighborhood
  • Learn about the history, culture, politics, and faith practices of Detroit residents
  • Be flexible and willing to respond to urgent needs that arise in the neighborhood
  • Visit three urban ministry locations across Canada and the United States to learn about contextualized ministry practices
  • Participate in theological, contextual, and spiritual formation conversations alongside Cohort Detroit peers working in other Detroit neighborhoods
  • Resonate's Cohort is designed for individuals who are ages 19-30
  • Ability to serve and learn in flexible environments
  • Interest and experience working with students and children
  • Demonstrated spiritual and emotional maturity
  • Willingness to step out of your comfort zone
  • Self-motivated
  • Strong interpersonal skills and attitudes
  • Desire to engage in and learn from diverse cultures
  • Desire to learn and ask questions
  • Willingness to see commitment through regardless of feelings or changing interests
  • Some experience away from home is helpful
  • Past leadership experience is helpful

We work with you to ensure you are well-supported through a mentor and local supervisor. We ensure that your living arrangement is safe, comfortable, and meets your needs.

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Cost notes:

Six-month position (January 2020 - July 2020):  $4500 USD or $5000 CAD
Ten-month position (September 2020 - June 2021):  $6000 USD or $7000 CAD

Cost includes room and board, travel, all position-related expenses, and a monthly stipend. Resonate will provide support as you fundraise. Additional support is available for those who cannot raise the full amount. As part of Cohort Detroit, you may apply for our educational loan repayment or educational expense assistance.

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