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Strengthen and encourage pastors, churches, and leaders in Nicaragua.

Work with the Nehemiah Center's church strengthening team in Managua, Nicaragua, on a variety of programs that help to strengthen and encourage pastors, churches, and leaders in the city.

This position is part of Resonate's Cohort, a year-long opportunity for an integrated group of young adults from Central America and North America to volunteer in various ministries alongside Resonate ministry leaders and partners. As part of the Cohort, participants will have the opportunity to engage in direct service, a spiritual formation process, and a theological perspectives training.

Learn more about Cohort here.

You will specifically assist in programs related to church health and growth, preaching, and trauma healing. You will assist in program development, behind-the-scenes work, program delivery, and follow-up with pastors, leaders, and churches.

  • Spanish language skills are necessary, but could be included in the initial studies (at an additional cost).
  • The ability to work and live independently.
  • Education and experience in ministry, Bible, and theology is preferred.
  • The desire to engage with Nicaraguan leaders and the community on a personal and working relationship.
  • Volunteer must be in good health with the ability to travel internationally.
  • Must be able to take public transportation and navigate alone in an urban setting.

The application deadline is April 15, 2019, if you will require language school ahead of time. Application deadline is July 1, 2019, if you will not require intensive language school.

Volunteers will be required to have pre-field orientation, as well as on-field orientation. Pre-field orientation takes place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from May 29-31, 2019. The Nehemiah Center will provide on-field orientation on the history, culture, and religious traditions of Nicaragua.

If participating in the trauma healing program, the individual will need certification from the Trauma Healing Institute. The Nehemiah Center can provide this in Nicaragua, or you can receive the training pre-field in your own country (at your own expense). Pre-field reading required. Volunteers must abide by Resonate Global Mission’s Code of Conduct.

Cost notes:

Cost includes food, accommodations, on-field travel, ministry expenses, and airfaire. Cost will vary depending upon departure city and time of year. Additional costs may include passport, visa, immunications, and insurance.

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