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About this Church Plant

We are a simple expression of church beginning in the Southside of Providence, Rhode Island. We are an extended family that exists to take seriously the ancient words and mission of Jesus in a modern and changing world.

What makes us different is our approach to the word Church. We understand the historical movement of Jesus to be less about buildings and events to attend, institutions or rituals, or even products or services to consume – and more about a people to be, a process, and a life to live.

We started when we began asking the simple (but deeply loaded and dangerous!) question, "What is Church?"

The Neighborhood is our humble attempt to begin living out our answer to this question in our specific time and place.

Our name reminds us that we are place-based communities at our core. Every church exists in a place, and that matters. We exist for the sake of our neighbors. We exist to be good neighbors.