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About Winnifred


I wish to share with my students God’s story of salvation and the wonder of the world that He has given to us.  I am looking forward to being used as God’s instrument, sharing the Gospel with students from different places and backgrounds. This is a wonderful opportunity to unfold God’s handiwork through a biblical worldview — from the vast universe to the intricacies of the tiniest organism.
God works through His people to be His servants in His world.  Witnessing through friendship is important to me, and so I’m eager to meet new Japanese friends and immerse myself in their community.  As part of this assignment, I also hope to grow in my faith.  I’ll have my eyes open to see God working in my life, confident that He is walking with me each and every day.  


God has given me a heart for missions and teaching, and has presented the opportunity to fulfill both of these at the Christian Academy in Japan. This coming academic year I will be taking on the role of Middle School Principal as well as teaching Science to grade 6 students. CAJ leadership is very collaborative and works well together to lead the school in its mission to equip students to impact the world for Christ.  In addition to this collaborative atmosphere, my previous experiences in Honduras, Côte d’Ivoire, Canada, and the U.S have prepared me well.

Mission Work

Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ), located in Tokyo, is a K - 12 school of over 450 students. CAJ fosters the development of a biblical worldview teaching classes in English using an American-style program. The school provides Christ-centered education for 150 Japanese students and for missionary children from 40 different mission agencies. By providing schooling for missionary children, CAJ frees missionaries to share the Gospel with the Japanese people. Over 350 churches have been planted within a 15-mile radius of CAJ.


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