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소개 Vinnie and Kate

Mission and Vision

God has given our family a history with Nicaragua and a heart for its people, especially within the community of Tesoros de Dios: a center that exists to help children with disabilities reach their full potential. We live in Nicaragua in order to join in this Kingdom work of loving, serving, and advocating for this group of people who are among the most marginalized, stigmatized, and vulnerable in Nicaragua. In all that we do, our desire is to serve Christ and His Church, to build up disciples of all ages and abilities, and to see His Kingdom come in this corner of the earth through the power of His Spirit.

Mission Work

Vinnie serves our community in two capacities. First, he is the lead elder of International Christian Fellowship (ICF), which is an English-speaking, interdenominational church that meets in Managua. In this role, he fulfills pastoral responsibilities such as preaching and teaching, pastoral care, worship leading, visioning and strategic planning, and other leadership roles. Secondly, he serves with the church outreach ministry of Tesoros de Dios which works to equip churches and pastors throughout Nicaragua in the area of disability ministry. In Managua alone, there are an estimated 140,000 individuals with disabilities (National Statistics and Census Institute of Nicaragua). Despite this number of people with disabilities, services and support for them is extremely limited. Tesoros de Dios is one of few centers or schools that serve children with disabilities, and one of the only holistic therapy and support centers in Managua. Beyond serving its over 130 students with disabilities at its beautiful campus on the west side of Managua, Tesoros de Dios's outreach ministry travels all over to partner-with and equip churches, schools, and communities towards becoming more accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities.

Kate serves at Nicaragua Christian Academy's Nejapa campus as a secondary English teacher, utilizing her teaching experience to invest in the next generation of Nicaraguan leaders: academically, cross-culturally and, most importantly, spiritually. Founded in 2004, NCA Nejapa is a growing school community that currently serves about 540 students, Kindergarten through 11th grade. Approximately 95% of these students come from Nicaraguan families, while the other 5% are primarily from international missionary families. Jakob and Josiah are also students at Nicaragua Christian Academy — Jakob at the International campus, Josiah at the Nejapa campus.

Support Vinnie and Kate

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