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Acerca de Sarah and Dami

Vision and Mission

God has called Sarah into the ministry of Christian Education in partnership with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) in Nigeria.  A leader in Nigeria on Christian education said, “If professing Christians in Nigeria allow Christian education to permeate their lives and daily activities, then the nation will witness enormous developments” (Ajayi, 2013).  Through partnering with ACSI Nigeria, Sarah desires to provide professional development opportunities to equip Christian educators in Nigeria as they prepare students academically and inspire them to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  As ACSI Nigeria achieves this vision, we will begin to see Gospel transformation and development in Nigeria. 

Dami serves on the leadership and preaching team of City Church Lagos. The vision of City Church is to catalyze a gospel-centered movement that renews the city of Lagos spiritually, socially and culturally. He is also passionate about telling stories that are beautiful, true and good in his work as a master of ceremonies, comedian, creative director and filmmaker.

Mission Work

Sarah’s primary focus with ACSI Nigeria is to coordinate the PATHS to School Improvement programme. This is a two-year school improvement programme where school leaders are professionally enabled to engage in a continuous school improvement process that is internationally benchmarked to appropriate and attainable standards, resulting in authentic Christian schools. She also works on coordinating and creating trainings like the Professional Credential in Early Childhood Education with her colleagues in the ACSI Nigeria office to continue to strengthen Christian schools in Nigeria.  

Dami’s primary focus revolves around the care of souls. As a church leader, he does this via preaching, spiritual direction and leading small groups. In his work as a creative, he regularly meets with mostly unchurched/non-Christians friends and collaborators in formal and informal settings to discuss faith commitments through the lens of their work. He’s been meeting with a certain group of writers and designers for about six months now. He is working on his second concept comedy show as well as an immersive theatre experience that places audience members in the walls of a struggling school and in the shoes of its students.

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