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Reclaiming the Redeemed Marketplace:  There is a need throughout the worldwide Church for a greater integration between the sacred and secular in terms of our daily working lives.  Jesus has redeemed the marketplace, but the Church has not yet fully reclaimed it.  I see the potential of Christian business persons to have a great impact in the marketplace for Christ and for the Church.  I see great potential for churches to recognize the opportunity to build marketplace ministries in the church to encourage this integration of work and worship.

Businesses are also a long-term sustainable solution to the issues relating to poverty, as businesses provide jobs and ongoing salaries.  I have been blessed to use my seven years of experience in business development in West Africa to now work within churches to develop their marketplace ministries. I will help with building the capacity of business owners through training, mentoring, access to capital, and advocacy, leading to increase in income, stabilizing of existing jobs, and the creation of new jobs.

I see this opportunity as an ongoing part of God’s story in my life, as He has further defined and clarified my calling to walk alongside both churches and business persons in Kenya.  I feel so blessed to be part of this work and am excited to see what God is going to do in and through the global business as mission movement.


I am committed to train pastors about the importance of business as mission, encourage their business members to embrace being part of a marketplace ministry.  This teaching takes place at the Africa Theological Seminary, a nondenominational seminary operated by the International Christian Ministries (ICM). I am further committed to work with these pastors and denominations to set up marketplace ministries in their churches, providing training, discipleship, accountability, and encouragement for those who serve in the marketplace.  As businesses grow and become more successful, families will be provided for, jobs will be created, communities developed, and local churches blessed.  Business development is an important, sustainable part of poverty alleviation, and when done in partnership with the local church, can have wide-reaching impact.  This work has begun in Kenya, with a vision to expand to twelve cities in two years.

ICM exists to serve the Church by discipling and equipping its leaders.  ICM is present in fourteen countries, with seminaries present in seven of those countries.  The vision of ICM is to see a mature Church led by committed, passionate leaders who refuse to rest until every nation, tribe, and tongue has been reached by the grace and power of the Lord Jesus.  The marketplace ministry is one more piece of seeing this vision become a reality!


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