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소개 Naregh and Amy

Vision and Mission

France is unreached. 80% of French people have never owned nor seen a Bible. Only 1% of the population are considered Evangelical Christians. Muslims make up 10% of France's population, the highest in Europe. God has put a burden on our hearts for the French people and has called us to bring the gospel to them. We want to ignite a disciple making movement among the immigrants and people of France.

Mission Work

We go where the people are (Cafes, streets, neighborhoods) and seek a conversation with them. We set up coffee tables and offer free coffee and engage in conversations. This is in obedience to Matthew 28:18, “Go and make disciples”.

We also go door-to-door, looking for God-prepared people with whom to share the word of God and a house of peace to re-visit and start a Discovery Bible Study, which could eventually become a house church plant and a base for further reaching the neighborhood.

We also go on prayer walks in the prostitute districts of Paris, giving out free coffee and supplies and engaging the girls in spiritual conversations. We are beginning Discovery Bible Studies right there on the streets.

We are continuously praying for hearts that are receptive to the word of God and invite you to join us in praying and becoming partners and co-labourers in this work.

Support Naregh and Amy

You can support Naregh and Amy's work by either providing a one-time or recurring monetary gift, or by joining our prayer list.


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