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소개 Mwikali

Mission and Vision

My vision for Christian education in Eastern Africa is to see Christian schools, churches and parents working together to create learning environments where children follow Jesus wholeheartedly and come to curiously delight in God’s world. In essence, I desire to see Christian schools mirror God's kingdom of love.

Like Jesus, I see many children in this region "harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd." Matthew 9:36. Far too many schools have become known as places of shame and rigidity. It is difficult for children to learn and mature in such environments.

I have been a teacher most of my life. God has shaped my heart for the whole child. By caring first and seeing each child as God’s own, a channel opens for faith formation in learning. The “aha moments” in my students’ lives occur when they see Jesus matters in every subject. In other words, Jesus becomes real in their hearts and in the life of the school. God has given me a drive to pour back into teachers.

I am seeing Christian schools turn into havens of shalom and vitality.

Mission Work

Formation doesn’t happen quickly. It takes faithfulness, repetition and commitment. God has deepened my commitment to work towards Christ-centered education. My role is forming local Christian educators and connecting leaders of Christian education in the region and around the world.

One practical resource in forming local educators is Educational Care (EC). We have used EC since 2016. What makes EC unique is how the bible speaks to teachers on their calling and classroom. One teacher said, “I have been looking for greener pastures. But today, my search has come to an end. I am a teacher.”

There are numerous invitations for us to facilitate EC and journey alongside schools and teachers. To honor these invitations, we are building teams of advanced EC facilitators in order to multiply and deepen the impact. My role is to keep those teams healthy by coaching, encouraging and praying with them.

God has prepared me to model Christ as a Christian education specialist. I love teaching and learning. To join God's mission by doing what I love is a joy! As I go for us, I invite the prayers, care and financial support from the body of Christ.

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