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About Michal

My Story

For the last few years, I’ve been the most inspired and excited when I hear about work that prioritizes justice and flourishing for people in need. I studied global development in college because I wanted to learn the best practices of development work (locally and globally) and avoid some of the ways it’s gone wrong. But you can only learn so much theory without practice! I’m excited that this year will give me the chance to work with real, complex people and programs. The semester I spent in Hungary gave me some exposure to what refugee support and resettlement looks like there, but the landscape has been changing since war broke out in Ukraine, which borders Hungary. I’m hoping to support the existing programs in whatever ways they might need. I haven’t quite found a job or career that feels like a good fit for me yet. I hope this next chapter in Hungary will give me more clarity about the needs in the world, my skill set, and God’s hand in my life. Because this internship brings together faith community, justice work, mentorship, and a global perspective, it seemed like a good place to start.


I will be serving as a Refugee Ministry Cohort Intern. The majority of my time will be spent with the Reformed Church in Hungary Refugee Ministry. The Reformed Church in Hungary is a sister denomination to the Christian Reformed Church in North America, and their refugee ministry is part of a diaconal branch of the church. Another portion of my time will be helping to lay the groundwork for a young adult Cohort Europe site to launch in the future. Finally, I will be learning—about Hungarian language and culture; about refugee work in a Hungarian church context; and about God, Christian community, and myself.

Prayer Requests

It takes me a long time to feel connected to a new place and community, so I could use prayer that I would be fully present in Budapest and not hold myself back when I meet new people. I would also appreciate prayer for my process of finding roles I fit into well in the refugee support programs.

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Ways you can partner with Michal include lifting her up in prayer, offering encouragement, and providing financial support. Please become a partner in mission with Resonate Global Mission and Michal Rubingh.

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