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About Luis

Vision and Mission

As Resonate’s Mexico and Caribbean Mission Team Leader, it is my responsibility to lead, encourage and support missionaries, volunteers and interns, as well as missionary teams in Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Cuba.

One of my personal ministry passions is to develop and train leaders. In recent years I have had the opportunity to train lay pastors and leaders in various countries, utilizing the Timothy Leadership Training program as a tool. I have seen the impact on the life and ministry of those who have completed the program. They have gained Bible knowledge, sharpened their God given gifts, and have gained confidence. These lay pastors and leaders are planting churches, congregations are growing numerically and in their stewardship of financial resources, and now they are training others in their communities.

Mission Work

Resonate has worked alongside national and international partners in Mexico for almost 60 years to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in the midst of a syncretistic religious context where nominal Roman Catholicism, secular consumerism, and pre- Colombian religions freely mingle. Resonate’s strategic priorities in Mexico are training of pastors and leaders at local seminaries, planting and developing healthy churches, discipleship, family and youth ministries, and the development of missional networks. We work mainly in two areas: along the U.S.-Mexico border and in the central highlands, including Mexico City.

In Haiti, Resonate’s missionaries are reaching out to Haiti’s broader evangelical community by facilitating needed training programs for church and community leaders and providing training resources. The youth program, “Impact Club” has been an effective tool to reach out to youth. Missionaries also teach at the small seminary of the Christian Reformed Church in Haiti. Our four main partners in Haiti are the Christian Reformed Church in Haiti, The Ministry for Christian Development, The Consortium for the Reinforcement of Christian Education in Haiti, and Back to God Ministries International.

Resonate’s strategic priorities in the Dominican Republic are the development of healthy churches, community transformation, and providing Christian education to over 4,000 marginalized Haitian and Haitian descent children whose parents cannot afford to pay for their children’s education. We work with partners to achieve these priorities while expanding our team’s impact by nurturing a missional community related ministries.


Support Luis

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