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소개 Leah


Throughout my young adult life, I have been blessed with opportunities to experience life in Latin America. I have found it to be a unique and beautiful culture and context in which there is so much desire to know God and practice their faith. Yet, oftentimes amidst the demands of daily life, those desires can diminish or lose priority.

Education, however, provides an incredible space to draw kids up in the faith and have a daily routine of practicing and continually engaging their faith integrated into each of their subjects in school. Additionally, education itself is an incredible gift; I have been learning the value of this over the past year as I myself finished formal education and saw the way it provided me with skills and information useful for work and ministry. I also learned what education looks like in Nicaragua and the need for English language skills, dedicated teachers, and a school community.

NCA offers this and more to its students through rigorous academics and engaging student activities. NCA is an ACSI accredited institution and all classes are taught in English with a Christian worldview and a Biblical foundation. The student body is a diverse mix of Nicaraguan, North American, and other international students. God has called me to join NCA in their efforts of offering Christ centered education in Nicaragua by teaching Grades 7 and 8 English and Social Studies.


I believe that both the gift of knowing Christ and the gift of education is invaluable, especially in the Latin American context. I pray that God uses NCA and my position there as an opportunity to encourage, support, and develop strong young individuals that approach the world through the eyes of Christ and grow in their relationship with him. I pray that my classroom becomes a space where students learn how to worship their Creator through each of the activities they engage in. Finally, I pray that the Lord uses this opportunity for me to grow in my own relationship with Him as I depend on Him each day..

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