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About Kyra


God has recently been teaching me a great deal about the importance of unsettlement and resettlement, unlearning and relearning, disorientation and reorientation. I’ve learned that these are not destinations at which we arrive, but processes that we continually undergo as we dwell with humility and courage in the tension of a simultaneously beautiful and broken world and long to see—and participate in—its renewal. I have learned that the best way to navigate this paradox is with the guidance of those who lead from the margins and the instruction of those who teach from wisdom that belongs to lands, cultures, and traditions that are different from my own. Cohort provides an opportunity for me to learn from and serve with such leaders and teachers in community with other young adults, beginning to put some of what I have learned into practice even as I continue to wonder what the Spirit has yet to reveal to me and who I have yet to become in Christ.


I look forward to developing cross-cultural relationships within and beyond my cohort so as to better understand both the forces that threaten division in encounters with difference and the individual and collective stories that offer the possibility of preserving both unity and diversity.

I hope to gain insight into the ways that the cultural and ecclesial contexts I have inhabited have both blessed and inhibited my capacity to faithfully embody the gospel and discern how a new context might offer correctives and encouragement that can contribute to the way that God is forming and transforming me for his service.

Prayer Requests

  • For the wisdom and discernment to know when to listen, learn, speak, and act.
  • That God would bless both the friends and mentors I have met, and those I have yet to meet through this experience and that his Spirit would prepare each of our hearts, minds, and bodies for the transformation that this season of newness promises.

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