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About Kristopher and Kimberly

Mission and Vision

My wife Kim and I have always had a heart for the global Church. Upon completing her medical residency in obstetrics and gynecology in 2019, Kim was hired as the (only) OB/GYN doctor at the Kapsowar Mission Hospital in rural Western Kenya. It just so happened that there was a theological school right next door (Kapsowar School of Theology). I felt God calling me (Kris) to share the theological and pastoral training which I have been generously given with Kenyan pastors in the Africa Inland Church (AIC) denomination.

There are at least three reasons why we feel God is calling us to help the Kenyan Church during this season of life:
Christian Identity. According to most statistics, Kenya is a dominantly Christian country (86% according to the Kenyan government). But for many, Christianity is merely one subordinate aspect of their family and tribal identity. And at times, political violence erupts between tribes because they do not acknowledge their deepest identity in the living Christ. About ¾ of the Kenyan population is aged 30 and younger, and trends show that Kenyan youth are increasingly finding the Church difficult to relate to, and irrelevant to the challenges they face in a developing nation.

Growth of Islam. While Kenya is primarily composed of Christians, the popularity of Islam is growing. Kenya borders Somalia which is nearly 100% Islamic. The Kenyan Church needs pastors with a strong theological foundation to maintain the integrity of the Church, and also to engage and love their Muslim neighbors next door and across Africa.

Gospel Integrity. Some challenges come from outside the Church and some come from within. Like many places in Africa, the popularity of health and wealth prosperity teaching has become an extremely powerful attraction for Christians in this developing country. Not only can these teachings detract from the true teaching of the Gospel, they also harm society in general as the poor are exploited by corrupt religious leaders. The Church needs leaders to confront this dangerous teaching with the true Gospel and with their example of humble and faithful service.

Mission Work

In one sense, my work is quite simple. I teach classes in Christian theology to Kenyan pastors so that they can become fully ordained in their denomination, the Africa Inland Church. So far I have taught classes in Systematic Theology and the Christian Life. Soon I will teach classes on Worship and Mission. And yet teaching in a culture not your own is often not so simple. My students and I come from different cultural, educational and linguistic backgrounds. Prior to arriving in Kapsowar, my family and I spent three months in Nairobi learning Swahili. While I still teach mostly in English, I will continue to work to learn Swahili in order to gain a deeper rapport with my students, and to assist them in gaining a deeper understanding of the Biblical worldview. In the day in and day out of life here living with Kenyans, we are getting to know the Kenyan culture, its blessings and challenges. We have been profoundly blessed by the deep faith and hospitality that many of our Kenyan brothers and sisters have shown to us.

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