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About Kayla

My Story

God has prepared me to serve in Mexico City by showing me how He works through people. I have been able to witness God in others and how they have used their faith to spread the gospel and positively impact the life of other people. From those who I have witnessed, I have learned what it means to honor God and to participate in something that goes beyond myself and personal benefit. For this reason, I am excited to engage in fellowship with other people and to learn from new perspectives and to also offer mine. The ability to serve in Mexico fits in God’s story for my life because I am able to leave my surroundings and gain a new worldview that will guide my interactions with others and continue to grow my faith and trust in God. Additionally, to inform the work I will do as a future clinical psychologist.


I will be serving within established churches and ministries in Mexico City, Mexico in the areas of children's ministry, university student ministry, and migrant ministry, among others. I am looking forward to using my Spanish to get to know people and listen to their stories.

Partner With Me

Ways you can partner with Kayla include lifting her up in prayer, offering encouragement, and providing financial support. Please become a partner in mission with Resonate Global Mission and Kayla Johnson.

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