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About Justin


God has led me to invest my life and abilities in supporting Bible translation through ESL. I want our Latin American brothers and sisters in Christ to be equipped with the English they need as they travel even to hostile regions of the world with the Good News of Jesus.


This work will involve two main tasks: first, I will help Latino missionaries who are currently part of the Bible Translation movement improve their English so that they can be more effective in cross-cultural assignments around the world. I will accomplish this mainly through the use of Skype. Second, I will be designing, translating, and contextualizing resources for the Continuing Education Department of SIL Americas Area so that they will be understandable to Latin Americans. Without the tool of English, which is the lingua franca of most missionary organizations, these missionaries will be hindered in their attempt to participate in the global outreach of the Gospel. In addition, most theological and missiological materials, as well as Bible translation notes, are currently only available in English.

Partners in Mission

Justin won't be able to help these Latino missionaries without receiving help from you. Would you prayerfully consider lifting him up in prayer, offering encouragement, and providing financial support? Please become a partner in missions with Resonate Global Mission and Justin Bordogna.

Support Justin

You can support Justin's work by either providing a one-time or recurring monetary gift, or by joining our prayer list.