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About Juliana

Who I Am

My name is Juliana Choque and I am from El Alto city. I am 29 years old and I am part of the church of Dios Boliviana in my country. I had the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ when I was 18 years old and since then, I have started an adventure in which God has completely changed my life. In this process, God gave me the privilege of serving as secretary of the congregation, leader, teacher and coordinator of the Sunday youth and children school. Working with young people and children helped me discover my vocation as a teacher and understand the crude reality that our youth faces. This is my main motivation to prepare myself and learn more so that I can serve those whom the Lord loves. 


My vision for this year as part of “CAMINANTES” is to be able to develop the Missionary character for which we were called. Open to new realities and needs and ways of service to be able to support more effectively in Costa Rica and in my country.

My mission is to give the best of me in  teaching English to children, youth and adults en Santa Rosa de  Santo Domingo de Heredia to be able to join the Casa Adobe team and work at the service of the community to which I will be part of. I will be open to all forms of instruction waiting for God to work in me to be what He commanded us to be: Salt and Light in this world.

Partner in Missions

I would love to have your support in this project. If you want to do it, you can support me in prayer so that it is God who is exalted and that he is shown to others and if you want, you can also help me with any volunteer economic contribution. 

Support Juliana

You can support Juliana's work by either providing a one-time or recurring monetary gift, or by joining our prayer list.