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소개 Joel and Hailey


God has called us to serve at LCC International University (LCC) in Klaipeda, Lithuania. LCC is a Christian liberal arts university that is wholly-focused on sharing the gospel to Christian, other-faith, and non-believing students. At the heart of LCC’s work is the worldview formation of young adults, helping them to understand and inhabit their respective vocations. 

Since the fall of Communism in 1991, the church has struggled to integrate new believers into the existing church and to build up young leaders in an increasingly post-Christian context. Despite these challenges, we know that the Holy Spirit is working to call and equip young adults to LCC in order to lead the next generation of Lithuanian believers. As a couple and as individuals, we feel we have been called, prepared, and inspired to join in this important work. Our vision for serving at LCC is that of Isaiah 43:18-19; we pray that God would help us observe, name, and encourage the new things that He is doing in the hearts of those at LCC.  


We will serve full-time in the Student Life division at LCC International University. Joel will serve as the University Chaplain for students from a wide variety of faith and ethnic backgrounds and will be responsible for overseeing the religious and spiritual life on campus. Hailey will serve as the Coordinator of the Student Success Center (SSC). She will be responsible for new student orientation and academic help for students; including individual tutoring help, study-skills training, and more.

Outside of our official work we look forward to welcoming students into our home and caring for them through hospitality. We will also mentor individuals and lead small groups on a variety of topics (faith, adulthood, etc.) as a way to guide worldview formation and faith development. Our mission is to encourage and walk alongside students as they learn more about the world, themselves, and their relationship with the Lord. 

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